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Ukraine is one of the countries whose climate favorably affects the cultivation of various grain crops. For a long time, our country not only fully satisfies its own needs for grain, but is also one of the leaders in exports. Traditionally, cereals are used for processing and obtaining wheat by-products from them - flour of different varieties, semolina, bran. Before being sent for processing or for export, the harvested crop must be stored in special facilities. Such premises are called granaries. The premises are divided into various types and types, each of which has its own purpose and characteristic features.

Main characteristics of granaries and requirements of granaries

The main characteristics of granaries and requirements of granaries depend primarily on the purpose of the building. This term can be used to refer to places where the harvest of a small household is stored and also refers to large structures that belong to processing enterprises. Buildings that are intended for temporary storage and are located next to farmlands are called first-tier structures.

In them, the crop can be stored for about 2 months. Then the product is sent to the storage places of the second link Then we will talk about the types and name the types of granaries, where we will give a description of each of them. As for the general requirements, according to the storage rules, such buildings must maintain air circulation, a certain temperature, light and humidity. In order for the crop not to deteriorate, it is necessary to periodically clean, examine for the presence of insects and rodents, and prevent their appearance.

We provide a granary service in Ukraine for farms of any size. Our buildings fully comply with all sanitary requirements, regular cleaning and cleaning of the premises is carried out. Also, our employees pay a lot of attention to the processing of warehouses, which will help protect the contents of such a warehouse from harmful insects.

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What are the types of granaries and what is their difference

Our ancestors kept all types of grain crops in one building. Of course, when the raw material was intended only for domestic use, then this is acceptable. Although problems were not always avoided. Over time, people learned to store agricultural products more responsibly - so that they do not spoil before the next harvest. Today there are different types of granaries, which type a particular room belongs to depends on its purpose.

Type Description
Harvesting Most often used by small and medium-sized farms, they are intended for storing the harvested crop before being sent for processing, sale or planting.
Transshipment The name speaks for itself. The purpose of such premises is to serve as a temporary place of unloading, in order to then reload the crop onto another vehicle.
Basic Such warehouses can be found at processing enterprises. This type also includes warehouses that serve to consolidate small lots before being sent abroad
Stock Such warehouses save the strategic stock of the enterprise, the country. Sound like a premise to lie down to the regime
Production Warehouses of this type - part of any processing enterprise
Port silos As the name implies, such structures are located in ports.enough crops to load it

It is much more profitable for enterprises that are engaged exclusively in the cultivation of crops to entrust the storage of crops to a company that specializes in this type of activity and in the processing of grains than to organize storage on their own. This approach is rational and financially beneficial, so building a structure from scratch with the necessary mechanisms is quite expensive. The best way out is to rent a warehouse from the flour products manufacturer Fastov Mlyn.

Types of granaries: classification and main characteristics

In addition to types, all structures designed for a long stay of grain crops in them are divided into several types. The most used types of granaries in Ukraine today: elevator, granary, metal silo. There, the crop can be stored for as long as necessary, while its commercial and consumer qualities are not subject to change.

Type Characteristics
Elevator A modern complex that includes dryers, silos, loading and unloading equipment. There are also special compartments for waste. Such a complex easily copes with the task of not only storing, but also cleaning, processing wheat and other crops.
Granary It is a one-story building with high ceilings. Such structures can be mechanized with modern equipment. All existing space can be divided into separate sections by metal shields, which act as limiters and separators for different types of crops. The disadvantage of this type is that it occupies a fairly large area, while the load factor is quite low.
Metal silo The most modern and commonly used type of complex for the storage of grain crops. It has everything you need: protection against rodents and harmful insects, devices for automatic loading / unloading, the ability to disinfect raw materials, etc.

Other features, characteristics of granaries and requirements of granaries depend on what products will be placed in them. The Fastov Mlyn enterprise offers the service of storage of grain and oilseeds at a favorable cost.Disposal its own granaries, which are equipped with everything necessary so that agricultural crops can maintain their qualities for as long as possible.


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How to rent agranary in Ukraine

The grain crops market in Ukraine is regulated by law. The adopted norms provide the procedure for the sale, use and storage of a product that is important for our country.rent a granary in Ukraine only in accordance with the requirements of the law. According to the norms of the adopted laws, only the owner of grain warehouses, who is a member of the Guarantee Fund, can provide such a service.use all types of granaries for their needs on the basis of a joint activity agreement. Another way to use warehouses by non-members of the Guarantee is to conclude an agency agreement. The document clearly stipulates the functions that can be performed by a person renting a warehouse.

The list of allowed actions and the type of stored crop depends on the characteristics of the granaries and the requirements of the granaries. Therefore, before ordering such a service, it is worth consulting with representatives of the company that provides the service. By contacting the Fastov Mlyn company, you will receive comprehensive information about the service and the procedure for its provision. Consultation is provided by authorized employees of the company free of charge. We can also provide all the information about the procedure for concluding contracts. In its work, the company strictly adheres to the legislation of Ukraine.

To whom we provide the granary service in Ukraine

To an uninitiated person, it may seem that farming is very easy. Like, it is enough to plant some kind of culture and it grows, nourished by summer rains, warmed by the rays of the sun. Then just harvest. But what's next? The harvested crop, if it goes for sale or processing, needs to be stored somewhere. Not every farm has its own granaries. This is especially true for beginner farmers. In addition, the functioning of structures such as elevators is regulated at the legislative level.

Therefore, we provide a granary service in Ukraine for those who, for certain reasons, cannot have their own premises for storing grain crops. It is worth noting that many do not need such buildings to be owned, since they require significant resource costs in the maintenance process. Therefore, it is much more profitable for the farm budget to use the service of the Fastov Mlyn company and rent a granary that meets high requirements, rather than spend money on building your own. In addition to the building itself, it will be necessary to take care of loading and unloading equipment, protection from insects and rodents, timely cleaning of the premises, and maintaining a certain temperature in it. Proper storage requires air circulation, temperature and humidity.

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The own granaries of the flour producer Fastov Mlyn observe the temperature regime

For the storage of grain crops, it is important that certain requirements are observed. The most important of them are:

  • temperature regime; ;
  • humidity;
  • conditioning;
  • illumination;
  • treatment of premises from harmful insects and rodents.

Own granaries Fastov Mlyn, meet all these requirements. We understand how important it is to observe the temperature regime so that the grain crop grown with such care and love does not deteriorate and does not lose its useful qualities for humans. The granary, which meets high requirements, is located next to the production complex in the city of Fastov, Kiev region. Before ordering the service, we can arrange a preview of our territory and the structures for storing grain crops located on it. One of the most important requirements is storage temperature and humidity. If you do not provide comfortable conditions, the grain may deteriorate. Flour made from such a product will not have the necessary taste, and, accordingly, the resulting baked goods. Therefore, our ready-made granaries for the storage of grain crops are equipped with systems that maintain the desired temperature, humidity and air circulation.

Granary that meets the high requirements of protection against insects and rodents

A common problem in the premises where crops are stored. Mice and rats, various bugs and spiders are ready to take advantage of any opportunity to settle where there is food for them. And what could be tastier than fresh grain brought from the field? The granary, which meets high requirements, is reliably protected from the appearance of such guests. What we do:

Warehouses are regularly fumigated to protect crops. The most modern means are used that do not harm the finished product and at the same time effectively fight pests;

the premises are processed before loading a new batch and after unloading the warehouse;

safe traps are installed in the warehouses, which are not the time for animals, but do not allow them to the stored product;

employees regularly take samples that are checked in the laboratory of the enterprise. This is necessary, because if pests start up in one culture, they can infect other premises with themselves.

If you want your crop to retain all its qualities that nature has given it, use ready-made granaries for storing grain crops from those who understand the rules of storage. And who can know better what conditions are the most optimal for grain, if not a flour producer? Improper storage can lead to the fact that: the

  • grain will overheat, start to rot and mold will start in it;
  • harmful insects will appear in the crop;
  • the product freezes in winter;
  • etc.

To prevent this from happening - seek the service of professionals in their field.

Ready-made granaries for storage of grain crops are waiting for a new crop

Each crop grown is a colossal labor effort of not one person, but a large amount of invested money and time resources. So that the invested efforts and funds are not lost due to improper storage of the harvested crop, it is worth considering renting the appropriate premises in advance. To use our services and order ready-made granaries for storage of grain crops, you need to:

  • call one of the phones that you see on the site;
  • send an email;
  • Leave a request on the site for feedback and we will contact you.

Our consultants will be happy to provide you with information on what types of granaries are available for rent, on what conditions the contract is concluded, and what is the cost of the service. All our premises are equipped with the necessary mechanical means that will help you easily unload the grain crop and, if necessary, load it into another vehicle.

Favorable prices for all types of Fastov Mlyn services

Who can best understand the placement of crops, the creation of services for storage, transportation and many other processes, if not the company that ultimately deals with the processing of raw materials? We are well aware of how important it is to properly store the raw mass in order to obtain quality products in the end. Therefore, we have created all conditions for responsible storage at our facilities. In addition to the fact that the Fastov Mlyn company provides a rental service for the best granaries in Ukraine, you can order from us:

flour of the highest, first and second grades with delivery throughout Ukraine;

transportation and drying of grain crops;

drying oil crops;

production of semolina and bran.

The cost of services depends on the type of service and the type of service. In order to calculate the price, you need to contact our managers. You can get a free consultation, ask all the questions that interest you.

Flour production service from the company Fastov Mlyn with delivery in Ukraine

From the crop, which is stored correctly, in well-ventilated areas, with the maintenance of proper temperature and humidity, then quality products are obtained. Fastov Mlyn offers consumers several types of finished products.

Products Characteristics
Flour Company Fastov Mlyn produces several types of flour: the highest, the first, the second
Semolina The customer can choose products made from durum and soft varieties of wheat
Bran The production of this product goes through all the necessary stages, as a result of which the finished product retains all the necessary vitamins, minerals substances and fiber

In addition to the service that provides a granary in Ukraine for rent, you can also use our grain trucks to deliver the harvest. The company can provide almost a full cycle of services: from harvesting from your field or temporary storage to our premises, then preparing the grain for grinding and making flour, semolina and bran from it according to your desire. The company has different types of granaries at its disposal, when ordering, you should clarify with the manager your requirements and the necessary conditions for your products. We are waiting for your applications by phone numbers, which are listed on our website!