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Services by Fastov Mlyn

Not every company that is involved in flour production can provide customers with other services. Fastov Mlyn stands out from the competition with its high quality services for transporting and storing various crops. Such activity has its own specifics, as it requires careful and attentive attitude to the grain. Violation of the rules of storage and transportation can lead to a decrease in the quality of the product, violation of its flavour indicators

The product's name Quality indicators Package Цena UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60
Semolina Humidity - no more than 15.5% ash content - no more than 0.60%

passage through a No23 sieve - no more than 8.0%
passage through a No38 sieve - no more than 2.0%
bags of 25 and 50 kg 12,20
Wheat bran Moisture - not more than 15.5%
Ash content - not more than 6.0%
Mass fraction of crude protein - not less than 14.0%
Mass fraction of crude fiber - not more than 8.0%
Acid number of fat - no more than 50.0 mg KOH
bulk 6,00

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You can buy both packaged products and bulk products from us. High quality and loyal prices are the two main features that distinguish us from other manufacturers

Flour not packaged

7850 UAH/ton


Flour in bags

8200 UAH/ton



10200 UAH/ton



4000 UAH/ton


Fastov Mlyn services, from the transport of grain to the sale of high-quality flour

The company specialises in various activities related to the transport, storage and processing of grain crops. The services provided by Fastov Mlyn can be divided into several areas:

Production of several types of flour of high quality;

Grain crops storage;

Motor transportation of grain crops;

Drying .

The entire list of services from Fastov Mlyn can be viewed on our website. In the relevant sections, the customer will also be able to see a detailed description of each service, the terms of service and the approximate cost of each service. One or another service can be used by both legal entities and individuals. Special prices are available for wholesalers. To purchase flour, order a batch of grains or a complete service, use the numbers listed on the website or send us an email, your request will be dealt with shortly.

List of services from Fastov Mlyn

On the website of our company you can see the list of services from Fastov Mlyn. It consists of:


Production and sale of flour of the highest and first grade. Modern technology and the latest equipment allow us to produce the best quality products at market value;


Sale of flour, semolina and bran at wholesale prices. We offer these products in 25/50 kg bags. Flour, semolina and bran are also available in bulk;


Grain storage services for wheat, barley and corn. Our warehouses are equipped with the necessary special machinery. We comply with all sanitary rules of grain storage, so that they do not lose their taste qualities and pests do not get in them;


Transportation of grain crops, in particular by road transport. Vehicles transporting different types of grain undergo regular prophylactic treatment;


Drying of grain and oilseeds, in order to ensure their long shelf life.

To take advantage of Fastov Mlyn's services, please call us at the telephone numbers listed on the website. Our management consultants will give you all the details you need.

Услуги Фастов Млин: от приема зерновых до реализации муки высшего качества по оптовым ценам

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Sales of high quality flour milling products in bulk

The list of services from Fastov Mlyn includes the sale of several types of flour products:

  • Flour of the highest and first grade, which is used by households and industrial enterprises for the manufacture of various bakery products;
  • Flour for enterprises and at home;
  • Bran at wholesale price.

Flour, semolina and bran can be bought both in bulk and packed form. Products in this category can be ordered with delivery in Ukraine or by pickup in the Fastov Kyiv region. All products have a quality certificate that meets European standards. Every housewife knows that high-quality flour is the basis for delicious baking. To ensure that you have on the table the most delicious bread, rolls, biscuits and confectionery products, the company Fastov Mlyn specializes in the manufacture of flour of various varieties applying the latest global production technologies. At the same time, the cost of high quality products remains at market level, to be available to every resident of Ukraine.

Grain transport: specifics and precautions

One of the services of our company is the transportation of grain. Our capabilities and a large fleet of specialized vehicles allows us to deliver grain directly from the field to the elevator. Transportation can be performed both within Ukraine and worldwide. Transportation of grain crops has its own specifics associated with the features of transported cargo. The main feature is that each grain separately has a small weight. Therefore, considerable losses may occur during transportation in case of insufficient sealing. Spillage of grain may amount to about 10% of the total cargo, which makes such transportation unprofitable. In addition, when wet grain comes into contact with metal parts of transport, the latter may oxidise and lose its taste properties. At the same time full sealing contradicts rules of grain transportation, as products must be aired. Ordering transport of grain with company Fastov Mlyn you can be assured that we observe all rules of transportation. In this case, the work of our transport is organized in such a way as to minimize cargo loss during transportation. Our goal is to deliver your cargo at the specified time and place, preserving its quantity and quality during transportation.

Rules for the transport of crops

The specifics of grain transportation require compliance with certain rules. Grain can be transported in tare or bulk form, by truck, tipper truck or special rolling stock. Transport regulations stipulate the following:

Moist grain must not be transported if the moisture content is higher than 15%. The product must not be transported in a state of self-heating, under-gassed, waterlogged or infested by pests;

The main packaging for transporting grain is dry, tight, clean bags;

The loading and unloading work must be carried out using special equipment. It is forbidden to pull, throw, put bags on hooks, in a word, to perform any actions that may lead to damage of the container;

When transported in tare, the quantity of goods received and handed over shall be counted by the number of places indicated on the consignment note;

In order to prepare grain transportation in bulk, the body of the car must be compacted in the corners, the height of sides must be not less than 1 meter, the grain must be covered with a special thick canvas;

Grain weight for bulk transportation is determined by weighing empty vehicle and loaded one. The difference between these numbers will constitute net weight of the delivered product.

Company Fastov Mlyn offers carriage of grain with observance of all rules. Favourable price for grain carriage is provided for transportation both within Ukraine in any direction and abroad. To order the service, please use the phone numbers listed on the website or use the feedback form.

Types of road transport for transportation of crops

Grain transport in Ukraine and abroad is carried out with the help of special truck transport. Transport:

Transport Characteristics
Flatbed grain carrier he vehicles are mostly conventional flatbeds with raised sides to allow more grain to be loaded. These vehicles are covered with waterproof awnings. They do not have the ability to unload on their own
Grain wagon train trailer is also added to the flatbed vehicle
Grain tipper It can unload itself, making it easy to do so without the need for movers. Can carry 30-40 tonnes of grain at a time
Tanker A sealed container that protects the product as much as possible from environmental influences. Used very rarely
Container Grain is poured from above, unloaded through special hatches on the bottom or sides of the container

Choosing the right type of vehicle is important for efficient and cost-effective transport. Before we provide a service to our customers, our managers make sure to find out the loading method to reduce the risk of loss. Our employees take into account the rules of transportation and the specifics of the cargo. The whole process is automated as much as possible, and the use of workers is permitted only for additional work, such as cleaning the body or covering the grain with a tarpaulin.

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Profitable price for grain transportation in any direction

Fastov Mlyn Company provides beneficial prices for grain transportation by grain carriers in Ukraine and abroad. The final cost of such transportation will depend on the number of transported products, type of transport, and kilometrage. Delivery in Ukraine is carried out mainly by road transport in any direction specified by the customer. Cost:

Distance Carrying capacity of 5 tonnes Vehicle with a capacity of 10 tonnes
Up to 50 km 24 hrn/km 40 hrn/km
50-200 km 12 hrn/km 20 hrn/km
More 200 rm 10 hrn/km 15 hrn/km

The shipping costs are indicative. For each customer the shipping cost is calculated individually, taking into account all the parameters of the planned logistics operation. To find out the shipping cost for your logistics operation, call us and our managers will calculate the individual shipping cost for you. In addition to delivery by truck, other vehicles are also available. Each logistics operation is negotiated with the customer individually.

International grain shipping

Fastov Mlyn services also cover international grain shipping. Ukrainian agricultural products, in particular grain crops, are one of the country's most significant export commodities. Advantageous price for grain carriage allows cargo owner to deliver grain to neighboring countries or to seaports in the South of Ukraine with high profitability. Grain delivery abroad is carried out by several modes of transport:

  • By road, using specially equipped trucks, in compliance with all stipulated rules of grain delivery;
  • By rail. This method of delivery is very profitable financially when it comes to large consignments. Special railcars are used for cargo transportation;
  • Sea containers. For overseas deliveries over long distances, it is advisable to use the services of sea vessels.

The mode of transport to be used depends on the remoteness of the buyer and the quantity of cargo. Grain can be transported abroad in bags or in bulk. Long-term transportations must provide additional protection for the grain being transported. To protect the product from getting wet and the negative impact of the external environment, a serious logistical scheme is developed.

Grain losses during transport by Fastov Mlyn are minimised

The specific characteristics of the product, if transported incorrectly, result in about 10% of all grain being lost in the process. That's why vehicles are thoroughly inspected by Fastov Mlyn employees before each logistics operation. Measures are taken to reduce the risk of loss. The bottom and side slots of the body are sealed if the delivery is planned in bulk. Of course, losses cannot be completely avoided, but we do manage to comply with the loss rate of 0.07% for our transports:

  • Bulk - 0.07%;
  • in bulk - 0.05%.

The process of transporting grain in bulk and in bags by road involves several weighings to determine the weight of the cargo brought in. Weighing is carried out in three stages:

  • Weighing of the grain truck prior to shipment with the cargo;
  • Weighing on arrival at destination;
  • weighing after the truck has been fully unloaded.

After this procedure, the loss of grain during transport is calculated. If you want to order the grain transportation service with minimum losses, then you should use the services of Fastov Mlyn. We guarantee minimum losses, high quality and timely execution of the ordered service and favourable delivery cost!

Three main reasons to use the grain transportation services of Fastov Mlyn

Why order grain transportation services from Fastov Mlyn Company? Among many advantages that distinguish us from our competitors we would like to mention three main ones:

  1. Our vehicle fleet has enough vehicles specially equipped for such transportation, which allows fulfilling even big orders. For loading and unloading work, we use special equipment, minimizing the use of physical labour. The use of technology reduces the risk of tare damage and consequently loss;
  2. The company's qualified personnel develop an individual logistic route for each customer to deliver your shipment on time and at minimum cost;
  3. Advantageous prices. Naturally the price of the service is one of the most important factors for customers. Our prices are among the most loyal in Ukraine. Moreover, we provide discounts for wholesalers and regular customers

Addressing to us, the customer receives quality goods and services at an advantageous price!

Order grain transportation service from Fastov Mlyn company

To order the service of grain transportation, please, use one of the ways of contact with our managers:

  • Call us using phone numbers, which are listed on the website;
  • Send an email;
  • Use the feedback form. Enter your correct contact information so we can contact you without delay.

To calculate the exact price, provide our account manager with the exact details of the amount you wish to buy, the shipping terms you are interested in, the amount of grain you need to transport, and the loading and unloading addresses. The more information the manager has, the more accurate he will be able to tell you the price of the service or purchase. We are working to ensure that on everyone's table were quality bakery products, made from the best quality flour industry products. Timely delivery of orders and a high level of service is our aim and our priority in our work.