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Today, such a product as semolina is on the kitchen shelf in every household. It is used to prepare various dishes, including cereals, sauces, pastries, and soups. However, in order for the finished dish to turn out to be really tasty and healthy, it is necessary to use high-quality wheat offal as an ingredient. Where to get it, what properties are inherent in high-quality semolina and how people generally began to use it for food - the user will learn from this article.

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Semolina: the history of the appearance of the product A

A lot has been written and said about how our ancestors learned to make flour. How did semolina appear and when did people begin to use it for food? It is difficult to say when people noticed that a product that was considered waste could be used as food. However, as early as the 18th century, semolina were present on the tables of the cream of society and were considered a delicacy. Then it was difficult to get very fine flour and there was much more “waste”. Who first thought of using large grains for cooking is not exactly known. At one time, porridge was called Guryev, after the name of the imperial minister Guryev. One version says that on the occasion of the dinner party, serf Zakhar Kuzmin prepared a sweet dessert for his landowner and his guests. One of the guests was Minister Guryev. He liked the dish so much that he bought the Yurisovsky serf from the landowner along with his family. Since then, semolina has become an invariable attribute of dinner parties with the powerful. After the abolition of serfdom and the revolution, semolina became a dish available to everyone

Today, the dish has admirers and opponents. Reasonable people agree that, like the consumption of any other product, semolina is good in moderation. In the article, we will talk more about its beneficial properties and what are the criteria for choosing semolina. What vitamins are in this product and who is recommended to take it in food, and who is not. Why is proper storage of semolina and where you can profitably buy semolina at a low price in Kiev.

Nutritional properties of semolina

Bread made from flour has always been a valuable product, poems, songs are written about it, dear guests are greeted with bread. What about mango? Until the 20th century, semolina porridge was considered a gourmet dish that was inaccessible to the poor. This is due to the peculiarity of the technological process of making flour. When mechanization stepped far forward, this grain processing product became widespread. In the last century, semolina and porridge from it were an indispensable dish in canteens of school and preschool institutions. Someone loved it, someone hated it, and even in adulthood categorically does not perceive this product. Dishes from semolina were then praised, today nutritionists warn of the dangers of excessive consumption of milk porridge from such a wheat by-product. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. When it comes to the properties of semolina, the first thing that comes to mind is high calorie content. This is really one of the most high-calorie cereals, since it contains approximately 360 kcal per 100 grams of semolina. With such indicators, nutritionists recommend excluding people who are overweight from the menu. The fact is that it has little fiber, and this is its beneficial properties for certain categories of people. For example, for those who need to gain a couple of kilograms. Doctors recommend moderate consumption of sweet semolina dessert for people after surgeries and infectious diseases.

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What criteria for choosing semolina are important for the buyer

Due to the ambiguous attitude of nutritionists to this wheat processing product, the question arises - what are the criteria for choosing semolina for use in the household? Nutrition experts say that if you really want to make a semolina dessert, then choose a product made from durum wheat. In products from durum varieties, there are more useful substances, and the nutritional value is higher. How to determine in a store from which varieties of wheat a product is made? Pay attention to the packaging:

the “M” marking tells us that the cereal is made from soft varieties;
marking "T", respectively, from solid;
marking "MT" means that 20% offal from durum varieties was added to the soft varieties.

For an ordinary healthy person, it is better to use the products of their durum varieties, as they contain more nutrients.

The presence of nutrients in the product is affected by the storage of semolina. If you want to keep the valuable properties of the product longer, then follow the simple rules that we have listed in this article. So you save not only useful, but also the taste of the product.

Housewives should remember that semolina tends to swell when in contact with liquids, so when preparing different dishes, you should follow the exact recipe.

Storage of semolina: temperature, lighting, humidity

As we said earlier, in order to preserve the useful substances of the product, it is important how semolina is stored. It doesn't matter if you store the product at home or in a manufacturing plant, it is important to adhere to three main criteria. Storage of semolina:

Criteria the Rule
Temperature The optimum temperature for storing wheat by-products is 5-25 degrees Celsius. At this temperature preserved vitamins and minerals are
Lighting Like other derivatives of wheat processing, semolina does not like direct sunlight. Therefore, it should be stored in dark rooms. At home - in opaque containers with a tight-fitting lid.
Humidity The optimum humidity for storing flour and other wheat by-products is 70-75%. From excess moisture, mold can start, and too high a temperature in semolina, all its beneficial properties.

These simple rules will help you keep semolina and all its useful minerals and vitamins longer. Even if all storage rules are observed during long-term storage, it is worth periodically checking the stored product for the presence of parasitic bugs. In industrial enterprises, special treatment of storage containers and premises is carried out for prevention. The Fastov Mlyn company adheres to all the rules listed above, therefore, you can be sure that when buying our products, you are buying a high-quality and useful product.

The main beneficial properties of the product for a weakened body

For a healthy person, the beneficial properties of semolina are more harmful than beneficial if you consume it often. The high calorie content of the product and low fiber content contributes to weight gain, so you should be careful with the consumption of semolina and casseroles. But semolina is ideal for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and those who have undergone abdominal surgery. The thing is that semolina is quickly digested and absorbed in the lower intestine. At the same time, it does not irritate the intestinal walls, but, on the contrary, cleanses its walls of mucus and fat. The product has few vitamins and minerals, little fiber, but a lot of vegetable protein and starch.

Such nutritional value of semolina makes it an indispensable product for feeding babies who are not gaining weight well.

As can be seen from the description, the product can be viewed from two sides. What is strictly forbidden for some, for others is the main source of nutrition, an indispensable source of vitality and energy.

The technology of production at the enterprises of Fastov Mlyn allows you to save the useful properties of the product to the maximum. Buying Fastov Mlyn products, the customer can be sure of the high quality of the product and its taste.

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Nutritional value of wheat by-product

The main nutritional value of the product is its calorie content. Yes, what is a contraindication for some is a useful property for others. Due to the low fiber content, semolina dishes are quickly digested and provide the body with the energy it needs. Therefore, doctors recommend semolina porridge to people who have undergone surgery, infectious diseases, during a breakdown or after severe nervous shocks. Despite what nutritionists call the product "empty", it also contains vitamins and minerals. In particular, it contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, H and PP, as well as the necessary minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, phosphorus and sodium, starches.

Semolina is good for those who suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. It is able to remove fat and cleanse the walls of the stomach from mucus. Due to its ability to swell and increase in volume, semolina is used not only in cereals, but also in pastries. It makes delicious desserts, pies, casseroles, mousses and soufflés. Semolina can be used as a breading, in addition to soups and dumplings. On the Internet, you can find more than 1,000 different dishes from wheat offal.

What vitamins and minerals are in semolina

Yes, this is not the most vitamin complex, so this result of wheat processing is unloved by fashionable nutritionists. Nevertheless, this product contains vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it is not only used to prepare delicious but useless desserts, but also as a healthy dish. If we consider the vitamin composition and the presence of minerals in a quantitative ratio, then we will get per 100 grams of the product:

energy value - 332 kcal;
proteins - 10.2 gr.;
carbohydrates - 70.7 gr.;
fats - 1 gr.

Most of all, selenium and manganese are in semolina, thanks to their presence, it is easier for the body to cope with viral diseases. Selenium has a positive effect on the immune system and the functioning of the thyroid gland. Manganese is needed for bone formation and protein synthesis, as well as for the regulation of cellular metabolism.

All products manufactured by Fastov Mlyn are thoroughly tested and receive quality certificates. We carefully monitor that our products meet high quality and European standards. As evidenced by the quality certificates received by the company. Our laboratories check every batch of grain that enters our elevator. Throughout the entire production cycle, our employees monitor production and test the finished product.

5 reasons to buy semolina produced by Fastiv Mlyn

Unlike the 19th century, today semolina is available to all segments of the population. A fairly low price in stores and supermarkets makes semolina a product of mass consumption. Semolina from the manufacturer Fastov Mlyn is distinguished by its high quality and favorable price. Our clients trust us. Among the customers are small family bakeries and large bakeries, medical organizations, schools and hospitals. There are several reasons for this:

The high quality of products is confirmed by the company's appropriate quality certificates. We adhere to European norms and standards, which are known for their high performance;

Loyal prices. Our goal is to provide the residents of Ukraine with a quality product at a favorable price, so our products are available to everyone;

Delivery of your order to different regions of Ukraine. Production is concentrated in the city of Fastov, Kyiv region, but this does not prevent us from supplying our goods throughout Ukraine. In addition, our customers can independently pick up their order at the enterprise;

Convenient delivery times. Many bakeries and patisseries work at night to treat customers with fresh products the next morning. Therefore, we can supply you with raw materials even at night, so that you can do your job and make a profit;

Individual approach to every customer. You can choose packaged products or bulk, delivery or self-delivery, agree with our managers on the delivery time or self-delivery time.

We care not only that you have a quality product at a bargain price, but also that our cooperation is comfortable for you.

Semolina from the manufacturer Fastov Mlyn at a bargain price

Such a product as semolina belongs to mass consumption goods and does not require a lot of advertising. Often, when buying, people make a choice based on cost and simply buy what is cheaper. This is not always correct, since a product that is too cheap may turn out to be expired, of poor quality, or damaged. We do not promise you the lowest price for our product. We sell goods in which all the best properties of semolina are at the proper level, so the price matches the quality. The cost of the order is affected by:

  • the volume of ordered products;
  • pickup or delivery;
  • Packaged products or bulk.

Call us or write and our managers will provide more detailed information about the cost and wholesale prices for large quantities of goods. We have developed special loyalty programs for our regular customers.

How to order semolina in Kiev at a price from the manufacturer

To place an order for the products of the manufacturer Fastov Mlyn, it is enough:

  • call us. Contact numbers can be found in the header of the site or in the special section "Contacts";
  • write to us on the email that you see on the site;
  • send a message through the feedback form or pages on social networks.

Our professional consultants will be able to provide professional advice and tell you what properties of semolina are inherent in our products, and provide detailed advice on cost and delivery. Our managers are very well aware of the range of goods, the features of each.want to know what are the criteria for choosing semolina? Our staff will provide you with this information. The goods you ordered will be delivered to you at the specified address in the near future at a convenient time, including overnight. You can also arrange pickup with our staff. At a convenient time for you, your order will be ready for shipment.

Fastov Mlyn offers its customers not only high-quality goods at a favorable price, but also mutually beneficial cooperation for a long time!