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Flour is the product without which it is difficult to imagine the life of any person. From a small household to large businesses that specialise in baking baked goods, everyone uses products from the flour milling industry. The quality of the finished product depends on the quality of raw materials. Whether it's bread or pastry, pasta or buns, the right flour quality is important. When manufacturing our products, we are well aware of the responsibility for the production of varieties that will correspond to their category.If this is the highest grade, then it should be the best among similar products on the Ukrainian market. If it is bran then it must be of the highest quality, without unnecessary impurities. When buying Fastov Mlyn products, the customer can count on the fact that he will receive a high-quality product that is manufactured according to European ISO standards.

The product's name Quality indicators Package Цena UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60
Semolina Humidity - no more than 15.5% ash content - no more than 0.60%

passage through a No23 sieve - no more than 8.0%
passage through a No38 sieve - no more than 2.0%
bags of 25 and 50 kg 12,20
Wheat bran Moisture - not more than 15.5%
Ash content - not more than 6.0%
Mass fraction of crude protein - not less than 14.0%
Mass fraction of crude fiber - not more than 8.0%
Acid number of fat - no more than 50.0 mg KOH
bulk 6,00

Place an order for Fastov Mlyn products with delivery in Ukraine

You can buy both packaged products and bulk products from us. High quality and loyal prices are the two main features that distinguish us from other manufacturers

Flour not packaged

7850 UAH/ton


Flour in bags

8200 UAH/ton



10200 UAH/ton



4000 UAH/ton


All types of products are of excellent quality from the manufacturer

The Ukrainian enterprise Fastov Mlyn is engaged in the production of several kinds of flour products. It is possible to purchase the main types of products with the characteristics which are typical for it. Product types:

Products Characteristics
Top-grade flour It contains a high percentage of starch, the average level is about 80%, a small amount of protein - 14%, low fibre content - 0.1%. Such flour is an indispensable ingredient for confectionery, various buns, cookies made from yeast, puff or shortcrust pastry.
Semolina Products have a high energy value, contain more than 70% of carbohydrates, 10% proteins and 1% fats. It is because of the high calorie content that dishes prepared from semolina are recommended for small children and people who are undergoing a recovery period after operations. Of course, if they do not have an individual negative reaction to any substances that are part of it.
Bran It is a low-carbohydrate product, which is why it is recommended to be used for food by people who watch their weight and want to get rid of extra pounds. The content of carbohydrates in bran is no more than 20%, and the content of vitamins and nutrients has an extremely positive effect on the digestive system and the entire human body as a whole.

Any of these products can be ordered on the Fastov Mlyn website at a bargain price. The price per kilogram or ton of a particular variety can be viewed on the company's website or clarified with consultant managers by contacting us by phone.

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Bakery enterprises and bakeries can order flour at a wholesale price

Ukrainian bread is known all over the world for its unsurpassed taste. Previously, bread was baked in every home, now this function has been taken over by large and small enterprises. In recent years, there have also been many small households that bake incredibly delicious craft breads according to unique recipes. In addition to the main product different types of bread, such enterprises make buns, cookies, and muffins. High competition stimulates manufacturers to make their products better and tastier.It is not surprising that when making goods for sale to the public, large and small bakeries require high-quality raw materials.

Buying in stores and markets is irrational, it is much more profitable to buy flour of different varieties in bulk from grain processing enterprises, such as Fastov Mlyn. The products of our company have long been known in the market for their excellent quality.And every housewife knows that the basis of delicious pastries and fragrant bread is high-quality flour. You can order the products of Fastov Mlyn with delivery in Ukraine or come to us for self-delivery. All the nuances of purchasing flour of different varieties can be discussed with our consultants by phone, which are listed on the site.

Five reasons to buy wholesale flour of different kinds from Fastiv Mlyn

Not only businesses, but often even ordinary households are looking for a place where they can buy flour of different varieties in bulk. It is most advantageous to purchase goods of this type from the manufacturer. One of the most reliable Ukrainian enterprises that are engaged in the storage of grain and flour-grinding activities is Fastov Mlyn. It is to us that private individuals and enterprises ask for flour of different varieties, because:

  1. The Fastov Mlyn enterprise is equipped with professional specialised equipment, which makes it possible to produce the best products of the flour-grinding industry in Ukraine;
  2. The grains from which the flour is made are grown by the best farms in Ukraine. Each kilogram of wheat is harvested in compliance with advanced world technologies;
  3. Before proceeding with the manufacture of flour, cereals are carefully examined in the laboratory of the enterprise for suitability, the presence of various useful substances and impurities;
  4. The storage conditions of both raw materials and finished goods correspond to international standards;
  5. The cost of our products corresponds to their high quality. Loyalty programs and special offers are provided for regular customers.

In addition, the high level of service and professionalism of each employee of the enterprise won the trust of more than one client among enterprises and ordinary citizens of Ukraine and other countries. We value each of our clients and offer the most favourable terms of cooperation!


Premium flour for fluffy pastries and buns



First grade flour for the most delicious and fragrant bread



Semolina for children and adults



High quality bran for a complete and proper nutrition


What types of goods and services can be ordered from Fastiv Mlyn

Fastov Mlyn specialises in the storage of grain and the production of high-quality flour products. We can order the following types of products with delivery:

Top-grade flour

First-grade flour



The items listed may be packaged or bulk. The implementation provides packaging in different options, so our customers are both bakeries and retail stores from different cities and regions of Ukraine. In addition to the sale of flour of different grinding, the company provides the following services

  • Grain storage: corn, barley, wheat, etc.;
  • Transportation of grain;
  • Rent of grain carriers;
  • Drying of oil crops and cereals.

The company's production facilities make it possible to fulfil wholesale orders even for very large bakery enterprises. All the necessary conditions have been created for the storage of grain crops in order to maintain their quality characteristics. Barns are regularly sanitised from grain parasites to eliminate the risk of infection. The company's vehicle park consists of trucks specialising in the transportation of grain crops in Ukraine and abroad.

Fastov Mlyn offers flour of different grinding for different pastries

Flour of different varieties is used in the manufacture of flour products. Cereals are such a unique and useful product for humans that, with any type of grinding, it is used as food.

  • The first grinding flour, or wholemeal, is the most useful, according to nutritionists. Various types of bread are baked from such raw materials;
  • Medium grinding is used in baking cookies, bread. Such products may contain grain shells rich in vitamins;
  • Fine grinding is loved because it gives us lush, rich pastries. Yes, such products add extra pounds when consumed excessively, but how can you live without delicious buns, cakes and pastries? The main thing is moderate consumption, because it is very tasty!

The flour of each grinding has its own purpose, its fans and lovers. The quality and taste characteristics of the final product depend on the correct choice of raw material.

Rules for storing Fastov Mlyn flour products

If you decide to buy flour of different varieties in bulk, but you are not going to use it on an industrial scale, then you should take care of its proper storage. To do this, you should care about following some of the key factors. Flour storage:

Factors Description
Air temperature The optimum storage temperature is between 5 and 20 degrees Celsius. When storing at home, it is allowed to keep flour on the balcony, in the cold, but at the same time make sure that the temperature on the balcony is not lower than 0 degrees. Avoid sudden changes in temperature, this can adversely affect the taste properties
Moisture Humidity above 60% and condensation should be avoided. Humidity above the storage norm promotes the development of fungal raids.
Light Avoid exposure to flour in direct sunlight. For storage, it is better to provide a shaded place where the sun's rays will not fall in clear weather.
Protection from harmful insects There are a large number of different bugs that may not be visible to the naked eye, but they can not only degrade the quality of the stored product, but also make it unsuitable for consumption. To prevent and protect flour from harmful insects, it is necessary to maintain temperature and humidity conditions, regularly ventilate the room.

If you follow all these rules, you will be able to keep the product you purchased for a long time without losing taste.

Packaged flour of different kinds at the best prices in Ukraine

The Ukrainian flour milling enterprise provides an opportunity for bakeries and people to order Fastov Mlyn products at the best prices. Here you can buy flour of high quality in packages at the price from the manufacturer:

  • Sacks with a capacity of 25 and 50 kilograms;
  • Branded packaging of 2 and 1.8 kilograms.

The cost of packaged products depends on the weight, type and quantity of goods. Discounts are provided for wholesale buyers. Products are packed according to all the rules that provide them with optimal storage conditions. Flour in branded packaging looks great on the shelves of large supermarkets and small shops. The original packaging attracts the attention of the buyer, the products sell well.And the excellent quality of flour, semolina and bran from Fast Mlyn makes them popular among ordinary citizens. Thanks to the unsurpassed taste quality of our flour, it turns out very tasty bread and pastries, which cannot be refused. Those who adhere to proper nutrition will definitely like pure bran from the Fastov Mlyn enterprise. The high content of nutrients, vitamins and fibre makes this product an indispensable attribute of your daily diet!

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Buy products without packaging by self-delivery and delivery

In addition to packaged types of Fastov Mlyn products, you can also purchase products without packaging. The cost of one ton of products in this case will be lower than packaged. Price without packaging:

Kind of flour Price per ton
Top-grade 7850 UAH
Semolina 10200 UAH
Bran 4000 UAH

You can buy flour without packaging with delivery or pick it up yourself at our enterprise. We are located in the city of Fastov, Kyiv region. Convenient transport links allow us to transport our products by road and rail throughout Ukraine. If you want to pick up your order by self-delivery, you must first discuss the time and quantity of goods with our consultants by phone or e-mail

You can order Fastov Mlyn products with delivery on the website

In order to order Fastov Mlyn products with delivery in Ukraine, use the phone numbers which are on our website. You can also contact our representatives by email. Our managers will accept the order, calculate the total amount of the purchase, coordinate with you the address and the time convenient for you when you can receive the goods. You can also use the feedback form to order. Enter your data in the appropriate fields of the form and we will contact you. We are always open to cooperation, in the case of a wholesale order, we are ready to provide our customers with favourable wholesale prices.