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Flour is a product that is in every home. Every housewife knows that the quality of the flour determines what kind of cake, bread will turn out, how fluffy the buns will be. It is important that the product is not only fresh, but also suitable in its composition for the preparation of a particular dish, a particular pastry. The composition of wheat flour of the highest grade makes it indispensable for baking rich products. Why is it so, why is whole-grain wheat by-product not suitable for such products? Let's see what is unique about the highest grade, how it is produced and what is customary to cook with it.

The product's name Quality indicators Package Price UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60

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5 grades of wheat flour by decreasing yield: the higher the grade, the lower the yield

From our distant ancestors to the present time, bread remains the most valuable source of nutrition. Thanks to him, people survived in times of famine and during wars. If earlier people simply grinded grain in millstones and used what they got, now we have 5 varieties of wheat flour to reduce yield:

Whole grain. Such a product is obtained from wheat that has not undergone a procedure for cleaning from the shell and germs. The whole grain is ground, the resulting product, together with particles of the shell, is used to make the most useful, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals bread and other products;

Wallpaper. To obtain it, the grain is cleaned of germs and shells, the rest is ground. The result is a product containing a large amount of fiber, with large-caliber particles;

Second grade. Such a product contains about 8% bran, this is the most popular variety for baking table breads;

First grade. If you go into any house and ask the owners what kind of flour they have in the kitchen, it will be the first grade. Such a product has a high gluten content, due to which the dough is elastic, elastic. Baking from such flour can be stored for a long time and not stale;

Top grade. An ideal product for fluffy muffins. Products made from such flour are very tasty, but nutritionists do not recommend getting carried away with their use because of the high calorie content. The composition of premium wheat flour is mainly starch, which is contraindicated in the body in large quantities.

Chemical composition of wheat flour of the highest grade

To obtain such a product as the highest grade of flour, the endosperm of the grain, peeled from the shells, is used. As a result, the finished product is free from most of the useful products and minerals that are contained in the shell. Chemical composition:

Element Quantity
Starch 79%
Protein 12%
Pentosans 2%
Fats 0,8%
Sugar 1,8%

Of course, premium wheat offal also contains vitamins B, A, PP, E, dextrins and enzymes. However, due to the prevailing amount of gluten (starch), this type of product is not considered beneficial to human health. Products from such a wheat processing product are divinely delicious, but there is no benefit from consuming in large quantities. Nutritionists warn that excessive consumption of muffin can lead to excess weight.On the Ukrainian market, Mlyn Fastov is a reliable flour manufacturer known for the quality of its products. Products from Fastov Mlyn have all the necessary qualities, comply with state standards and international certificates.

What determines the shelf life of premium wheat flour

Grain processing products are among those that are always needed, and a certain stock in the house or in the warehouse may not be superfluous if you suddenly have to increase production volumes, and you can’t quickly order fresh raw materials. Industrial enterprises often make such stocks. You should be aware that certain conditions must be met. The shelf life of premium wheat flour can be up to 10 years if storage is organized correctly. The term depends on the following conditions: The

container in which the product is poured;
The temperature at which the product is stored;
Humidity in the room reserved for storage;
The presence of a ventilation system;
Absence of substances with strong odors nearby.

can be stored for a long 5 varieties of wheat flour but at the same time, the necessary conditions must be created for them. It is not always possible to organize them even for large enterprises, not to mention small farms. Therefore, it makes no sense to purchase a batch of products if you do not plan to use it for one and a half to two years. Improperly organized storage will lead to the fact that the raw materials will become unusable, lose their taste. Therefore, it is better to purchase a batch of fresh products in a year or two.

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Rules for storing wheat products

Mlyn Fastov is a reliable flour manufacturer that offers customers a high-quality cereal product. Wheat products make it possible to prepare a huge variety of different dishes. Therefore, raw materials for baking are often purchased with a margin and used for several years. To prevent the wheat by-product from losing its taste, bitterness, harmful insects, etc., observe the following storage rules:

  • Wheat by-product does not like direct sunlight, so the barn or warehouse should be with darkened windows;
  • Control the humidity level in the room. For high-quality storage, this product needs to maintain humidity at the level of 60-70%. More is bad, as dampness and fungus may appear, less - it will dry out and also lose its qualities;
  • The optimum temperature for storage is on a scale of 5 to 15 degrees Celsius. If storage is long, then maintain the room temperature from +5 to -15 degrees;
  • Air conditioning system or regular ventilation. Provide air circulation in the room so that the product “breathes”;
  • Regularly check for the presence of harmful insects, carry out preventive sanitization of the premises designated for the storage of raw materials for baking in time.

Rules for choosing quality products

In stores and on the market, you can now find a wide range of products that are the result of processing certain cereals or even legumes. The most popular of them in Ukraine was and remains wheat flour: which variety to choose for baking or cooking depends on the particular dish. As for the choice of high-quality goods of the highest grade, then when choosing, you should pay attention to the following information:

  • Humidity. A quality product has a moisture content of 15%;
  • Ash content. For the highest category, this figure should be no more than 0.55%;
  • Gluten. 28% is the norm for the highest category;
  • Color. Buyers in the supermarket are unlikely to have the opportunity to see the color of the product in a closed package, but if you are a wholesale buyer, manufacturers often meet customers halfway and provide a trial batch of goods. In the described species, the color should be white with a slight creamy tint.

Fastov Mlyn is one of those manufacturers who conscientiously treat the manufacture of goods for the food industry. Therefore, if the customer needs a trial batch of goods to make sure of the quality, we are ready to provide it.

Mlyn Fastov is a reliable flour producer

Mlyn Fastov is a reliable flour producer with a positive reputation among consumers. Over the years of work, the company has acquired many regular customers, who, among a large number of manufacturers, have chosen us. Why Fastov Mlyn:

All products have European quality certificates;

Opportunity to purchase goods in bulk in packaged and bulk form;

Convenient delivery times. Delivery time in the Kyiv region is 1-3 days, in Ukraine - from 2 to 10 days. The exact timing depends on the number of orders and capacity utilization. We understand that it may be convenient for some customers to receive an order at night and we are ready to fulfill it;

Loyal prices. Our prices are not the lowest, but they correspond to the quality of the goods that we offer to Ukrainian consumers;

assortment are 5 varieties of wheat flour in the whole grain, wholemeal, second, first, premium, semolina and bran;

Possibility of self-delivery. You can come to our production site on your own to see with your own eyes how our goods are made, in what conditions grains are stored before grinding.

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Stages of production: from checking the quality of grain to shipment to bakeries

To the layman, the production process may seem quite simple. Yes, in ancient times it was enough to have two flat stones to grind grains, but the quality of the processing result left much to be desired. The requirements for the product are growing, with them the production process is being improved, which now has five stages. But before that, the grain that is delivered to the enterprise is tested in the laboratory for the percentage of ash and gluten, the presence of harmful insects, chemical impurities, etc. Only after the approval received from the laboratory staff, the machine with grain is allowed to enter the territory of the enterprise. In the process of processing, a large number of different equipment is used, which can be divided into three groups:

  • Equipment that prepares grain for grinding;
  • Mill complex;
  • Equipment for packaging the finished product.

Production stages:

Stage Description
Peeling At this stage, the grain gets rid of husks and volatile impurities under the action of a strong air flow
Purification of impurities With the help of thermal hydrotreatment, the grain gets rid of mineral impurities: pebbles, glass, coarse sand, etc.
Washing, moistening The grain is washed from dust and moistened in order to make it easier to leave the shell
Grinding The process is carried out using roller mills.more than once until the desired result is achieved
Packing Packing in bears of 25 and 50 kg for the help of a special order

This is how high-quality wheat flour is born: which variety to choose depends on taste preferences and production goals.

Benefit or harm of premium wheat offal

In the production process, a product of different grinding and category is obtained. In order to get the highest, grain can be passed through roller machines more than once. The uniqueness of such a grain crop is that each by-product obtained has its own nutritional value. The composition of premium wheat flour does not have as many beneficial properties for humans as whole grain or bran. But the products prepared on its basis are distinguished by excellent taste. Even avid supporters of proper nutrition sometimes find it difficult to resist a piece of lush muffin or cake. Those people who suffer from excess weight, have problems with digestion, it is better to limit the consumption of rich pastries. Everything is good in moderation - even if you do not have obvious problems, it is better to use high-calorie pastries wisely.

Wheat flour: which grade to choose for which type of baking

you decide to bake bread and other flour products. You need wheat flour: which grade to choose? Each of them differs in chemical composition, so the products from them are completely different, what is ideal for table bread is not suitable for making lush pastries. Variety:

Varieties Suitable for
Higher Confectionery, muffins, buns, cakes, pies. Used as a thickener in various sauces and creams
First Unsavory pastries, pies, pancakes, buns, cookies, white bread
Second The main one for baking bread. Gingerbreads are baked from it, waffles are made, dough for dumplings
Whole flour They bake bread, make bread and flatbread
Whole grain Bread, cakes

Now nutritionists talk a lot about the benefits of whole grains. In general, the more fiber, the better for the human body, since such products are saturated with minerals, vitamins that are needed for human life. However, fine grinding is held in high esteem, because sometimes how can you live without fluffy buns and delicious cakes? The highest category is indispensable in confectionery. Since the shelf life of premium wheat flour is higher than that of others, it can be bought in large quantities at a wholesale price in Kiev.

Types of milling of wheat

Products of different grades are obtained as a result of processing, which is called milling. The procedure can be single and repeated. Due to the one-time obtaining of the first and highest grade is impossible, for their production, the grain is passed through the installation, which screens out the finished product, and passes the unground particles to the next stage. In coarse (single) grinding, the entire raw material is ground, including the shell. If you are interested in wheat flour, you can buy goods from the manufacturer Fastov Mlyn at a bargain price, which are the result of single and repeated grinding. Our assortment includes the highest, first, second grade, semolina and bran. You can place an order on the manufacturer's website through a special order form or by calling the phone numbers.

Areas of use of wheat by — products

Before you buy wheat flour from the manufacturer, you should know what type you need, since its cost depends on it. Wholesale prices are primarily of interest to manufacturing enterprises from the food industry. In addition to large enterprises, there are many different family bakeries in Ukraine that offer Ukrainian citizens various pastries according to original recipes. Wheat by-products are also used for the production of dumplings, dumplings, and other frozen semi-finished products. There are three main areas where our products are most often used:

  • Bakery. Preparation of products from yeast dough, it can be bread, buns, loaves, pies, etc.;
  • Pasta. Products such as pasta of various types are popular, so there are many enterprises that produce noodles, pasta, vermicelli, spaghetti, etc., according to different recipes using raw materials from wheat;
  • Confectionery. Who doesn't love delicious cakes and pastries? Nutritionists recommend limiting their consumption, but no holiday is complete without original and delicious confectionery!

If you need wheat flour, you can buy the best product from the manufacturer on the mlynfastiv websiteIf you need wheat flour, you can buy the best product from the manufacturer on the mlynfastiv website

For those who need high-quality wheat flour, you can buy this product from the manufacturer on our website. You can place an order in several ways:

  • Through the feedback form;
  • By phone;
  • Through email.

When ordering quantities, consider the shelf life of premium wheat flour and others. Our enterprise has been stable for many years, therefore, it may be better not to make a purchase 5 years in advance, but in a year to order a product from a fresh batch of new grinding.