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One of the strategically important products in every housewife's kitchen is flour. It is most important for making bread, buns and biscuits. It is also used to make incredibly tasty cakes, sauces and creams. Even our earliest ancestors, who did not have such an abundance of products on their tables as we do now, baked bread. Flour is a staple in every country. The only difference is that flour can be made from different cereals. However, wheat flour is equally valued everywhere. Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of cereals in the world, in particular consumers appreciate Ukrainian wheat for its taste and health benefits. Ukrainian enterprise Fastov Mlyn produces several varieties of flour from Ukrainian wheat. Our customers can buy flour at wholesale prices directly from the producer by ordering goods through our website

The product's name Quality indicators Package Price UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60

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You can buy both packaged products and bulk products from us. High quality and loyal prices are the two main features that distinguish us from other manufacturers

Flour not packaged

7850 UAH/ton


Flour in bags

8200 UAH/ton



10200 UAH/ton



4000 UAH/ton


Types of flour that are popular in Ukraine

The type of flour defines, if I may say so, the whole ethnos. Flour made from grain crops, which give good yields in this particular area, is popular for different regions. If we think of China right now, rice flour probably comes to mind. Indeed, this very crop is used to produce such a popular product in the world. For Ukraine, one of the signs of ethnicity is wheat flour. While in the past our ancestors were able to eat flour made from local cereals, now there is a huge selection to suit all tastes on shop shelves. You can now try baked goods made from flours based on such crops:










Many housewives use different kinds of flour in cooking; it all depends on which product is the purpose of cooking. Nevertheless, the wheat product has not yet been beaten in popularity. Bakeries in Ukraine bake many kinds of bread, pastry and biscuits from wheat flour. For them, the company Fastov Mlyn offers wholesale prices for flour and other varieties, semolina, bran. With regular customers we work on the basis of contracts, supplying them with our products on a regular basis. Quality flour is the basis for delicious baked goods, which is why our customers have been working with us for years.


Premium flour for fluffy pastries and buns



First grade flour for the most delicious and fragrant bread



Semolina for children and adults



High quality bran for a complete and proper nutrition


What types of wheat flour exist in Ukraine

The most popular type of flour in Ukraine is made from durum and soft wheat. It is this cereal that we owe to the appearance of the first baked goods on our tables. The bread which our ancestors ate was made of rough milled material, which was made by grinding grains with two stones. With the development of science and technology, it became possible to grind more and more grains. As a result, several types of products for the manufacture of baked goods were invented. Today there are five varieties of flour. Grades:

Type About
flour A fine-milled product, with grains measuring about 0.3 mm in diameter. It is made from special types of wheat and is used for baked goods. It has practically no bran, but is rich in gluten and has high baking characteristics.
Top quality he most popular product with those involved in baking biscuits. It produces lush, soft buns and cakes. It has practically no bran in its composition. Its colour is white with a subtle creamy colour.
First sort It differs from the highest in that it has less uniform particles and a more yellowish hue. It is used for baking bread, cakes and biscuits. It is the most popular because it is often used both commercially and for home baking
Second quality The product contains a small amount of bran and has a yellowish or grey colour. It is ideal for baking bread. It is also used to make the familiar gingerbread and some biscuits
Flour - the coarsest grind It is less suitable for baking as it is not very fluffy. But it has the most bran and is more rich in nutrients than the others

Flour in bulk of the highest, first and second grades at a bargain price is sold by Fastov Mlyn. You can buy both pre-packed and bulk products from us.

Flour production begins with a careful check of the quality of the grain

Before wholesale first grade flour is shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse and made into delicious, fluffy bread, a whole production magic of transforming grain into high-quality raw material for baking takes place. The Fastov Mlin company buys only the best quality cereals for its products from suppliers. Bad raw material cannot make a quality product. That is why wheat undergoes thorough testing in our laboratory before it is delivered to the elevator. The checking process takes only a few minutes, thanks to the modern equipment in our laboratory. We test your wheat for the following criteria:

  • Moisture content;
  • Percentage of unburnable minerals (ash content);
  • Gluten level;
  • Presence of organic impurities, weed type;
  • Presence of pests.

Only after the staff have checked and approved the batch of grain can the truck with the load travel to the elevator. The quality of the flour depends on the quality of the raw materials from which it will be produced. The above-mentioned indicators also affect the palatability of the products produced. The presence of pests in a single batch of grain is extremely dangerous for the granary, as pests, bugs and spiders can spread throughout the area and are very difficult to get rid of.

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Wheat's journey from the fields through the grain elevator to our table

Before bulk second, first or higher grade flour can reach the bakery, it has to be made. Our ancestors used manual millstones, then windmills. As consumption increased, it became quite difficult to make the necessary amount of flour in this way. Modern production is almost fully automated and makes it possible to provide this type of product to a large number of people. How does the process work under modern conditions? What happens after the laboratory gives a positive assessment of the incoming raw material?

A truckload of grain enters the production facility;

Grain is unloaded with the help of special devices into the underground conveyor;

In case of normal indicators of humidity the grain is sent to the elevator, if humidity is higher than norm - to drying;

Then it is necessary to clean the grain from organic debris, such as straw and stones;

Trier filtration is the procedure of separating the wheat grains from the oats;

Rinsing and moistening of the raw material makes the grain ready for milling;

The wheat is milled on special machines and sent to a sieve, which separates the lightest particles from the milled substance;

Thus, cycle after cycle, the large particles pass through the roller mills and the mole system, sifting out the finished material at each stage. In essence, it turns out that the best flour - the highest grade - is made from the very core of the grain. The first grade comes from the body of the grain, while the second comes from the part closest to the shell;

The sorted product is sent to "rest" and cool for three days;

At the end of the three-day period, the laboratory takes a sample from each variety;

he finished product is sent to the pre-packing plant.

Flour may not be pre-packed, but can be released to customers in bulk. In this case, the cost is cheaper.

Wholesale prices and characteristics of high-grade flour Fastov Mlyn

High-quality flour is a product that is obtained by grinding the endosperm of wheat grains. The output is a homogeneous product with a white colour. The yield of this flour is less than that of other flours, which is why it is the most expensive. It is used in cooking:

  • For puff pastries (in puff pastry, yeast, sand dough);
  • As a dressing or thickening agent for sauces;
  • In confectionery creams.

The baking properties of this variety make the finished product puffy and porous. The product makes delicious buns that retain their freshness for long periods of time.

Wholesale prices for high-grade flour from the manufacturer Fastov Mlyn depend on several factors:

  • The quantity of products to be purchased;
  • Packaged goods or bulk goods. The price of bulk release is lower than that of prepackaged.

The price for non-packaged products is 7,850 UAH/tonne, and for bagged products the price is 8,200 UAH/tonne. To order flour first grade at wholesale price in Kiev you can call us by phone, which are listed on the site. Also you can write to us by e-mail or fill out the feedback form. Our staff will contact you in the near future, will provide advice and orient the cost of our products.

First grade flour is sold in small and large quantities at Fastov Mlyn

Consumers most often buy first grade flour in retail and wholesale. It is found in the kitchen of every home, as we use it almost daily when cooking. The product is fine to the touch and has a yellow colour. It is a flour rich in gluten which makes doughs elastic. It is the most popular variety and is suitable for many cooking applications:

  • Baking rolls, biscuits and pies;
  • Making all kinds of bread;
  • Making dough for dumplings, dumplings, fritters and pancakes;
  • For pasta
  • Miscellaneous.

Products made from this flour are soft, tasty, and if necessary, the dough will be elastic and well pulled. Products can be bought at a wholesale price in bags or bulk form. As these flour wholesale buyers are often bakeries that work at night, we can arrange overnight delivery for you. To order this type of product Fastov Mlyn, please contact our managers on the phone numbers listed on the website. The price of first grade flour for wholesale buyers is determined depending on the volume of purchase, availability or unavailability of containers.

Flour in bulk second class for making the tastiest and healthiest bread

The strategic product of all times and peoples - bread. It is about it in every culture that people have created many proverbs and sayings. For Ukrainian people ears of wheat and fresh, fragrant bread is a symbol of prosperity and fertility of the Ukrainian land. Man can live without many products, even without meat and fish. Bread was a lifesaver in the hardest and hungriest times. It is important for bread to have nutritious ingredients that will keep you full and nourished for a long time. The best choice for baking bread is second-rate flour in bulk.

This makes the product not only tasty but also healthy, as the second grade raw material has more nutrients and vitamins. Absolutely not suitable for baking, second-rate flour makes bread lush, porous and keeps its freshness for a long time. Due to the high bran content, the product has a distinctive brown colouring. Apart from baking bread, it is also used for baking gingerbread and biscuits. It is used either pure or mixed with rye. All varieties are popular with bakeries, family bakeries and supermarkets that produce their own bread and biscuits.

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Characteristics of the different types of flour from Fastov Mlyn

Each variety has its own quality characteristics which determine its baking properties. There's no point in using a second variety for a puff pastry as it won't be as good as a top-grade pastry. Why is this the case? It's all down to the fact that in addition to the bran admixture or lack thereof, other characteristics matter for flour. Characteristics:

Flour type Ash content of flour , % Gluten , %
Highest class 0,55 28
First quality 0,75 30
Second class 1,25 25

What do these characteristics tell us? ?

  • The ash content indicates how much mineral matter is contained in the product. It is directly related to the content of the particles in the grain's shell, as this is where the bulk of the minerals are found. The higher the ash content, the lower the grade of flour. However, it is the mineral content that determines the usefulness of a bread product for the human body;
  • The percentage of gluten tells how good the baking properties of the product are. Hence, the more gluten, the higher the grade of the product. In addition to the quantity of gluten, its quality is also important. It is found in both the endosperm and the husk of the grain, but the protein, which is the main constituent, is different. It can therefore be seen that the highest grade, which is produced predominantly from the endosperm, has a slightly lower gluten percentage than the first grade flour. The qualitative composition of this indicator is determined by the laboratory and, together with the other indicators, determines the product grade.

Flour in bulk from the manufacturer at favourable prices

Wholesale purchases of different types of flour from one manufacturer allow you to reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials for your own production. Flour wholesale from the Ukrainian manufacturer Fastov Mlyn is a high quality product that is manufactured using the latest technology on modern equipment. Products that have passed several levels of control and meet international quality standards. We sell wholesale flour first grade, second, higher, semolina and bran. Approximate price of products:

Flour is not packed

7850 UAH/tonne


МFlour in bags

8200 UAH/tonne



10200 UAH/tonne



4000 UAH/tonne


The cost of the order depends on the type and amount of products. We are open for cooperation with various legal entities and individuals. You can place your order via the website for small or large wholesale orders. Call us and our managers-consultants will give you all the necessary information about our products, prices, and volume wholesale orders. Our regular customers work with us on contracts for regular deliveries. Dispatches of your orders are carried out all over Ukraine. Also there is an opportunity to pick up your order yourself at our production plant in the town of Fastov Kiev region.

Proper storage of flour preserves its flavour

When buying in bulk, care should be taken to ensure that there is a place to store the flour. It should be stored in conditions that do not harm the product. Three basic conditions must be met when buying in bulk:

  1. Humidity. An average temperature of 60-70% should be maintained. Flour does not like excessive moisture or very dry air. The room should be well ventilated and have an optimum humidity level;
  2. Temperature. A temperature range of 5 to 20 degrees Celsius is suitable for long-term storage. If you intend to keep the flour longer than 3 months, a zero temperature is also suitable;
  3. Light. This product does not like direct light. So choose a darkened room for storage, where it will not be exposed to sunlight.

It is enough to keep an optimal balance of these three components in the room and the main ingredient of a perfect pastry will retain all its flavour qualities. Another important aspect for storage is to check the room regularly for pests. If it is a room where you store processed cereal products, then the room should be given a preventive treatment from time to time. You can do this with the help of specialist services. There are also modern products that can help you carry out preventive pest control yourself.

How to choose quality flour for different kinds of baking

Invented by our distant ancestors, the product flour has become one of the main ingredients for making various dishes, not only baking bread. It is difficult to calculate how much more can be cooked and baked with this material. And different kinds of flour are used for different kinds of baking. This is because all flours have different properties, composition, ash content and gluten percentage. Luscious, fluffy pastries are made with the highest flour. Delicious cakes, buns, biscuits, cakes and pies are made from the first variety. This variety is the most popular among people who cook at home.

For baking table bread, the second variety is most commonly used and is rarely bought for home use. Therefore, bulk second-grade flour is more consumed by businesses that bake bread on an industrial scale. When choosing flour in the shop, read the packaging carefully. If you want to buy such a product in bulk, order a trial batch first. The Fastov Mlyn company offers such an opportunity to their new customers. Once you are convinced of the high quality of our products, we can proceed to placing a bulk order.

Why Ukrainian manufacturers of bakery products choose the flour of Fastov Mlyn

When you need flour in bulk of such a quality that the baking from it was the most delicious and unique, then you should order flour Fastov Mlyn. Our customers are large and small businesses that produce bread and confectionery. Among our customers are legal and natural persons, institutions, which have their own bakeries. We are trusted because we have:

  1. All products have quality certificates;
  2. Wholesale prices on high-grade flour and other products are among the lowest in Ukraine;
  3. Delivery of your orders all over Ukraine for 2-10 days, delivery in Kyiv region is within 1-2 days;
  4. The ability to pick up your order yourself with your transport from the city of Fastiv Kyiv region;
  5. High quality service. Call us at one of the phone numbers listed on the site you can get answers to all your questions about the products and its purchase;
  6. Availability of additional services.