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The product's name Quality indicators Package Цena UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60
Semolina Humidity - no more than 15.5% ash content - no more than 0.60%

passage through a No23 sieve - no more than 8.0%
passage through a No38 sieve - no more than 2.0%
bags of 25 and 50 kg 12,20
Wheat bran Moisture - not more than 15.5%
Ash content - not more than 6.0%
Mass fraction of crude protein - not less than 14.0%
Mass fraction of crude fiber - not more than 8.0%
Acid number of fat - no more than 50.0 mg KOH
bulk 6,00

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You can buy both packaged products and bulk products from us. High quality and loyal prices are the two main features that distinguish us from other manufacturers

Flour not packaged

7850 UAH/ton


Flour in bags

8200 UAH/ton



10200 UAH/ton



4000 UAH/ton


Company services Mill Fastiv: a full range of services from transportation of grain to wholesale flour

LLC "Mill Fastiv" - Ukrainian company, whose specialization is in the field of work with cereals. The services of Mlyn Fastiv are provided to enterprises of all forms of ownership. Our client can be a large enterprise that produces large quantities of bakery products, and a private entrepreneur, owner of a small family bakery, or a farmer who needs bran as animal feed. What we can offer to our clients:

Production of flour of the highest, first and second grades. Our company has modern technical capabilities for the production of flour products of the best quality at market prices;

Sales of cereals and products of their processing at wholesale prices. Here you can buy products packed in bags of 25 and 50 kg, as well as unpackaged goods;

Favorable storage conditions for grain harvest. Our storages are equipped with the most modern special equipment. Employees of granaries regularly carry out cleaning and preventive treatment of premises from harmful insects and rodents;

Transportation of grain crops without significant losses in Ukraine and the world. Vehicles are equipped in accordance with the requirements of grain transportation, are regularly sanitized;

Processing of grain and oilseeds on special devices for drying. After such a procedure, grain and oilseeds can be stored longer than without it.

Cooperation with Fastiv Mlyn is beneficial for both large bakery companies and small farms, family bakeries and pizzerias.

Three main reasons to work with

Ukraine has always been famous for the highest level of grain production, including wheat. Favorable climate, fertile soil, hard-working people are the three components that not only provide our country with wheat flour, but also allow us to export products abroad. Currently, there are many manufacturers and market competition is developing. What sets us apart from others and what are the reasons why working with Mill Fasti has become crucial for many of our clients?

High quality products.

High quality products. The presence of a number of international certificates confirms the fact that the products of Fastiv Mill have all the necessary qualities set by the standards for wheat products;

Favorable price of products

Favorable price of products. Cereal products are used to make basic necessities for the population. First of all, it is bread, without which the life of most people is unthinkable. The cost of such products should not be high. Our production capabilities allow us to sell large batches of goods at a price that allows the bread producer to work profitably without setting high prices for finished goods;


Delivery across all Ukraine and a possibility of self-removal from the city of Fastiv. We understand how important it is to receive your order on time, especially if our client is a bakery company. We guarantee delivery on time, even at night.

use services of Mlyn Fastiv profitable to

Услуги Фастов Млин: от приема зерновых до реализации муки высшего качества по оптовым ценам

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Fastiv Mill products are available for purchase in bulk in bulk and bulk.

Finished Fastiv Mill products are sold in bulk for various customers. Because flour is a product used to make bread, rolls, confectionery, etc., consumers include both private family bakeries and large industrial enterprises. Some people find it profitable and convenient to buy products in packaged form, while others buy bulk products and store them in large specialized premises. Flour of the highest, first and second grade can be bought in bags of 25 and 50 kilograms.

Our warehouses are also equipped with special technical means of loading bulk products into your vehicle. We are open to cooperation with enterprises of all forms of ownership, of any orientation and production facilities. The main condition for working with us is your desire to buy our products or use our services. Loyalty programs are provided for companies that regularly order large batches of products from us. For those who want to become a partner of the company or a customer of Fastiv Mlin products, contacts for cooperation are listed on this and other pages of the site.

Flour of different varieties from Fastiv Mill

Before you buy products of Fastiv Mill, whose contacts you see on the site, you should determine the type of product and its quantity. When it comes to wheat flour, it is important to know that the company specializes in the production of flour of several varieties. Each of them has its own characteristics, taste and baking characteristics.Varieties of flour:

Premium grade І grade ІІ grade
This type is characterized by white with a creamy tinge. The amount of gluten is the highest compared to other varieties. Lots of starch, lots of protein, gluten. The color of flour of this variety is white with a yellow tinge. The product has a higher amount of gluten, but still has a high starch content characterized by a darker shade and rough structure. Contains a lot of gluten and little starch.
Due to its composition it is ideal for making lush, buttery pastries. Can be used as a thickener for sauces due to its high starch content. The most popular variety, which is used in almost every home. From this flour bake bread, rolls, cookies, pancakes, used to prepare a variety of dishes. It is used for making bread and unleavened pastries. Products made of such flour stay fresh for a long time

. After the customer decides on the type of product and its quantity, we are ready to offer favorable prices for flour in bulk. At the request of the customer, the products can be delivered to him in packaged or bulk form.

Prices for flour in bulk are favorable for large and small wholesalers

Our company offers such prices for flour in bulk, which are beneficial to various enterprises of Ukraine, including state. Flour, semolina, bran - products that are needed not only by commercial enterprises. For example, in many schools and preschools, our products are used to prepare lunches for students. Hospitals can also purchase these products to prepare for the hospitalized. Such establishments do not have significant financial resources, and the products supplied must be of excellent quality, because they are used for cooking for those who need to eat well and with quality. Fastiv Mlyn products are ideal for such purposes. The optimal combination of price and quality makes our products an ideal raw material for the manufacture of bakery products in various farms. Our prices:

Products Price, UAH
Bestarka from 7849 UAH / ton
Flour in bags from 8199 UAH / ton
Semolina from 10199 UAH / ton
Bran Bran from 3999 UAH / ton

Order can be made in several ways: by phone, e-mail, through the feedback form . You can ask questions about the properties of each type of product, terms of delivery, volumes of wholesale purchases to our consultants.

Semolina and bran wholesale at a good price

In addition to the main product - flour of various grades, the company also sells other goods that are obtained as a result of wheat processing. Fasty Mill's services are not just the sale of several types of flour. There is practically no waste in the process of wheat processing. Wheat in all its forms is a very useful product for humans, so people eat such products as semolina and bran. Wheat offal, which is different in its properties, has its benefits. Each of them can be used both in cooking and as animal feed, or other purposes. Wheat by-products:

Semolina Bran
It has a balanced chemical composition, has a number of useful properties for the human body. Microelements of the by-product have a positive effect on the immune, nervous and digestive systems. It also affects the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system. With moderate regular use improves the condition of the skin, nails, teeth, improves psycho-emotional state. Semolina dishes are recommended for people whose bodies are weakened after infectious diseases or operations. The bulk of the product is fiber, which is very low in flour of the highest and first grades. But in bran it is enough to have a beneficial effect on the human body. Bran increases the ability of the immune system to fight diseases and viruses, removes toxins from the body, helps burn excess fat. Contribute to lowering blood sugar and normalize the gastrointestinal tract

Under the terms of cooperation with Fastiv Mill, customers can purchase these goods with delivery in Ukraine or self-pickup. When placing an order for self-pickup, you only need to specify the quantity of products and discuss the time with the manager.

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Grain transportation services in Ukraine and abroad.

In addition to selling grain products such as wheat, the company provides a number of other services. Among them is the transportation of grain to Ukraine and the world. For this purpose, the company's own fleet is used, and it is possible to conclude contracts on favorable terms with large transport companies, including state-owned ones. This is another reason to work with Mill Fastiv - we can completely cover your need for grain transportation. Specially equipped transport is used for transportation. Why can't grain be transported by ordinary truck?

In order to preserve the taste of wheat and other cereals, certain requirements apply to their transportation. For example, the load must be ventilated to prevent self-heating. However, with open transport, there is a risk of losses of more than 10%. At this percentage, transportation becomes unprofitable. The company's grain transportation service requires strict compliance with all transportation rules. The purpose of our company is fast, high-quality delivery in compliance with the terms, quantity and quality of cargo. Thus, our customers can count not only on wholesale flour prices, but also on other services.

Storage of cereals and drying of oilseeds

In addition to the purchase of wheat products at a good price, there are other reasons to work with Mill Fastiv on a regular basis. Cooperation with our company can be interesting for agricultural enterprises engaged in grain growing. However, not all of them have the opportunity to ensure quality storage of the harvested grain. Fastiv Mlyn offers its customers storage of various types of grain crops, including wheat, corn, oats, barley, etc. Our granaries are equipped with the most modern special equipment. Employees of the company regularly carry out sanitation of premises. Timely sanitation allows to protect cereals from pests and rodents. Your harvest will be in safe, caring hands and the most favorable conditions to preserve its flavor. The main task of drying is to rid cereals and oilseeds of excess moisture. Why can't the crop be left for storage without drying? Excessive moisture can cause coma in the coma, thus creating a favorable environment for the emergence of fungal mold. As a result, the crop will be spoiled, unsuitable for processing and as animal feed.

You can start cooperation with Fastiv Mlyn right from now on

. To start cooperating with Fastiv Mlyn, just write to us by e-mail, call the phone numbers listed on the site or fill out the feedback form. Our managers will be happy to provide you with answers to all questions of cooperation. No matter what you are interested in - finished products mill, transportation services or storage of grain, we are ready to offer you the most favorable conditions. Our prices are one of the best in Ukraine, and the products have international quality certificates.

Fastov Mill: contacts to contact us

Do you already know what you need and are ready to cooperate? Or do you still have questions that you would like more information on? Call us, write, ask, we will be happy to answer them! Ltd. contacts:

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We are located in Fastiv, Kyiv region at: Kozhanske Shosse 1 You can use a special form for quick communication . Just enter your contact details and our managers will be sure to call you back soon!