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The product's name Quality indicators Package Цena UAH/kg with VAT
Wheat flour of the highest grade Humidity - 14.0-15.0% Whiteness - 60-64 wt.od.

quantity - 25.0-28.0%; quality of VDK - 65-75 c.u.
bulky 10,40
bags of 25 and 50 kg 10,60
Semolina Humidity - no more than 15.5% ash content - no more than 0.60%

passage through a No23 sieve - no more than 8.0%
passage through a No38 sieve - no more than 2.0%
bags of 25 and 50 kg 12,20
Wheat bran Moisture - not more than 15.5%
Ash content - not more than 6.0%
Mass fraction of crude protein - not less than 14.0%
Mass fraction of crude fiber - not more than 8.0%
Acid number of fat - no more than 50.0 mg KOH
bulk 6,00

High-quality flour is the basis for delicious pastries in every home

Bread is the product without which it is difficult to imagine any home, the cuisine of any people in the world. Many poems have been written about bread in different languages. There are a huge number of proverbs, sayings, fairy tales and fables, in which bread is the main food product. Why is that? The fact is that bread contains a large amount of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, which are preserved even when it is dried, that is, in crumbs. In the most difficult, hungry times, people survived with the help of bread.That’s why, from childhood, our parents introduce respect for it, as the most important source of life support. Also, every person knows since childhood that high-quality flour is the basis of delicious pastries. That is not only bread which is baked from flour, but also sweets, flour is always added to omelettes and pancakes. Flour is used as meat and fish breading. If our distant ancestors used only one type of wheat flour, now there are so many different types of it that it is possible to satisfy the tastes and needs of the most demanding gourmets. The progenitor of all these species and varieties is wholemeal flour. It is obtained as a result of the first grinding, therefore, after sifting, unground parts are still in it, which has a beneficial effect on the human body. The level of the nutrients and useful substances in such flour allowed our ancestors to survive even in the most severe times. Now bread made from such flour is very much appreciated by people who do sport and keep fit.

Wheat flour of different kinds and types for your table from the manufacturer

Modern elevators equipped with the latest technology, ideal conditions for maintaining high quality grain

Application of modern technologies for the production of high quality products

Providing a comprehensive service using high-precision technology

Sale of quality domestic products abroad at a good price

All our products have European quality certificates

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You can buy both packaged products and bulk products from us. High quality and loyal prices are the two main features that distinguish us from other manufacturers

Flour not packaged

7850 UAH/ton


Flour in bags

8200 UAH/ton



10200 UAH/ton



4000 UAH/ton


Wheat flour of different kinds and types for your table from the manufacturerr

On the shelves of shops, wheat flour is represented by several varieties. The product kind is determined by how much of the finished product is obtained from 100 kilograms of grain. Since flour of the highest grades requires more than one grinding cycle, a part of the substances is sifted out in the process and the yield of finished products is less than that of low grades. The modern classification looks like this. Types of flour are divided into the following types:


The fine wheat flour has a white colour with a creamy tint. It turns out as a result of the finest grinding, earlier it was called “candy”, “rich” because of the fine structure. Now it is used in baking, added to yeast dough to add some porosity to the finished product;


The second-grade is distinguished by the presence of a small amount of bran in it, therefore it has a distinctive brownish tint. It is typically used for making usual white bread, gingerbread and cookies;


The first-grade flour has a white colour with a slight yellowish or creamy tint of colour. The use of it will not make the pastries light, therefore such products are suitable for making simple pastries, for example, various cookies, pies. Delicious pancakes are made from such flour;

top- grade

The top- grade flour has a white colour with a creamy tint of colour, a good percentage of fibre. Confectioners and bakers use this variety for rich, fluffy pastries;

Wholemeal flour

Wholemeal flour is a product of the first grinding, it is considered to be of lower quality, but at the same time it is more rich in useful substances.

You can place your order for flour at a bargain price on the Fastiv Mlyn website. Here you can buy products for the preparation of all types of pastries, confectionery pastries and bakery products.


Premium flour for fluffy pastries and buns



First grade flour for the most delicious and fragrant bread



Semolina for children and adults



High quality bran for a complete and proper nutrition


How the flour should be stored in order to maintain its taste

Whichever type of flour you have, the product will last longer and will not lose its taste if it is stored under certain conditions. As a manufacturer, we recommend storing the product for no longer than 6 months. Follow these simple recommendations and you will always have fresh, high-quality flour at home:

The storage receptacle must be dry, clean and hermetically sealed. Do not store flour in the open air, since a chemical reaction due to such an interaction can give the product a bitter flavour;
In summer, it is better to keep the storage receptacle in the fridge;
Do not mix the product you have recently bought with the one that has been in your home for some time;
Hermeticity - tightly close the container, so that the moisture, air and insects will not get into it;
If you put the flour in the freezer for 48 hours after the purchase , then such a freeze will kill all the larvae that could be in the flour, invisible to the human eye;
Avoid leaving packages of flour near chemicals in general, and in particular near products with strong odours;
Buy as much product as you can use within two to three months. Now such a product is available to everyone, you can buy flour in any supermarket or in the store near the house, there is no point in storing it for months;
Flour is often attacked by small insects. One of these pests is the flour mite. It can be scared away by placing a bay leaf in the container.

In Ukraine, the price for such a product as flour is not so high to buy it in large volumes if you are not engaged in the industrial production of baking. For the household, it is better to buy little by little, regularly refreshing stocks.

What kind of flour our ancestors used: a bit of history

Flour is a product that has been known to us since ancient times. Flour is everything that a person receives after grinding any grain or cereal crops. It is unique, it is used for cooking by all nations, regardless of the continent of residence, race, religion and skin colour. Historians claim that initially our ancestors made bread from grated acorns. A little later, ancient people learned how to make wheat flour. At first, stones were used to grind grains, gradually they were replaced by stone mortars. However, the process remained just as time-consuming and the product is so good for cooking that a man needed to invent a grain grater. There is a large number of man-made devices designed for grinding grain between the first manual grain grater and modern industrial machines. The improvement of these devices for grinding grain led to the fact that already in the 5th century BC, merchants appeared who offered wholesale wheat flour in the markets. So, from home use, the product has become an indispensable ingredient for the industrial production of various loaves, all kinds of bread and pastries. Now wheat flour is sold in bulk not only within the country. The quality of Ukrainian goods is also highly valued abroad, which allows manufacturers to export it all over the world every year.

Classification of flour depending on grinding

Flour is the basis for delicious pastries, so if you want to get the highest quality of finished product, you should choose the ingredients very carefully. In addition to the division into types, there is another classification of flour - depending on the grinding. Grinding:

Grinding Features
Fine Such grinding is obtained as a result of the purification of the grain from the shell and bran. Such a product has high nutritional qualities and is actively used in cooking, baking.
Medium It contains grain shells and useful fibre. It has beneficial properties for the human body.
Coarse The product of such grinding is called wholemeal flour. It contains a large number of substances useful for the human body. This flour is added to food to improve digestion.

The process of making pastries, breads and bread products uses all types of grinding. Which type to choose for home baking depends on individual preferences and also on what kind of flour professional confectioners and chefs advise to use in a particular recipe. You are unlikely to get rich pastries if you choose a coarse grinding ingredient. But such flour will be the best for baking healthy whole grain bread. Before purchasing one or another type, read the recommendations for the use of a particular product.

How to determine the quality of purchased products in the store

In supermarket chains and ordinary stores, flour is sold in packages, so the quality can only be assessed by packaging. To do this, first of all, you need to learn the marking. You should choose a product based on its purpose, type, and kind. Pay attention to the presence of quality marks. If there is an ISO mark on the package, this means that the product has an international quality certificate. Be sure to check the expiration date. As we have already said, the optimal shelf life of flour is six months.Do not buy products that are about to expire. You will not see Fastov Mlyn products with an ending expiration date. Due to the high quality of the product, it simply does not stay on the shelves of stores and in the warehouses of our store. Choose only the best products for yourself and your family by ordering flour on the Fastov Mlyn website. Store consultants will be happy to advise you on all issues related to quality, price, packaging, kinds of goods we produce. For wholesale buyers special prices are provided. After purchasing, remember to follow the rules for storing this product.

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Organoleptic method of assessing the quality of flour

Having brought home a package with a new type of flour from the store, you can evaluate the quality of the purchased product yourself. How to do it? There is such an evaluation method that takes into account various indicators by which you can personally determine whether the product is of high quality or not. Together, these indicators make up the organoleptic evaluation of the product. Quality indicators:

Indicator Description
Colour Each type of flour has a specific colour. The purchased product must be the colour that is typical for its type.
Smell A high- quality product is characterised by the absence of smell
Moisture It is identified by touching. A high- quality product has a typical squeak when rubbed between the fingers. If you take flour in a fist and squeeze, it should fall apart. The norm of moisture is 15%.
Taste Taste the product. A good, high- quality product should not have any bitter flavour.
Presence of impurity Sift a small amount through a fine sieve. If there are still impurities, like pest larvae, then you will immediately notice them

Now there are a lot of manufacturers on the market, but, unfortunately, not everywhere you can buy a really high-quality product. By learning to distinguish where a good product is and where the manufacturer saves on quality, you will be able to buy only good goods from responsible manufacturers.

Assessing the quality of raw materials before production

Modern man is accustomed to the benefits of civilization and wants to consume high-quality products. Existing global production technologies make it possible to produce products of the highest quality. Bakers and confectioners have the opportunity to create their incredibly delicious masterpieces thanks to the work of people who produce high- quality ingredients.Flour is the basis of delicious pastries, that is why its high quality is so important. Entering the industrial enterprises of Fastov Mlyn, grain goes through several stages, which allow us to evaluate its quality. Only after our specialists are convinced that the raw material is suitable for high-quality flour to be obtained from it during processing, the material is taken into work. What happens before this:

  1. Before the truck enters the plant, samples of the raw material are taken from it;
  2. The laboratory checks samples by more than ten indicators. Most of the tests are performed on special equipment. But, the machine has not been able to take over some functions yet, so such an indicator as the level of gluten is checked in semi-manual mode;
  3. All data obtained from the samples is placed in a special program, which decides the further fate of the obtained grain;
  4. Only when the laboratory gives the permission, the truck can drive into the territory of the enterprise to unload the raw material.

Grain preparation for grinding is carried out in several stages

To make it possible for you to buy high- quality flour, the production process is carefully controlled. Grain admitted for production goes through the procedure of preparation for grinding. This procedure consists of several stages:

  • Separation of impurities;
  • Surface cleaning;
  • Conditioning (hydrothermal treatment).

During the cleaning process, special grain cleaning machines are used, which are able to distinguish whole grains which are suitable for grinding from weeds and other impurities. The conditioning process hydrates the raw product while further purifying it and enhancing its health benefits. This process of preparing a batch of grain for grinding lasts about 8 hours. The result of the preparation is a raw product purified from all impurities, weeds and husks. Now you can proceed directly to grinding.


The process of production of the highest quality flour in Ukraine Fastov Mlyn is completely automated

Only after all the checks have been passed, the cleaned and moistened grain is sent for grinding. Next, the process begins, as a result of which wheat flour of the quality we need will be obtained. There are two types of grinding:

  • Single. In this way, wholemeal flour is obtained, the so-called wholemeal;
  • Repeated. Flour of the highest quality can be obtained by several repeated grindings. After two grindings, wheat flour of the first and second grades is obtained, to obtain the highest grade, the resulting product is passed through the milling for the third time.

After each grinding, the product is sieved. Waste includes products called bran. The bran is traditionally used as animal feed. However, this product has many useful qualities for people. Bran is especially valued by people who are on a diet. These are either those who want to lose weight, or those who are prescribed a diet for medical reasons. With coarse, that is, the first grinding, most of what is called bran gets into the flour, making it not so white and fluffy, but, on the other hand, more beneficial to health.

After passing through all the stages of grinding, sifting, re-grinding, and so on, the flour enters the packaging department. There it is poured into bags and sacks, and already packaged it gets on store shelves.


Semolina and bran are two useful products for your health

Wheat grain is such a unique product that almost everything, even what is considered to be waste in the manufacture of high-quality flour, can be eaten by humans. Today, two popular products that are made from wheat grains are semolina and bran. Each of the products has its own characteristics and is used in food for completely opposite purposes. Nevertheless, the value of each of the products is indisputable, thanks to which they have been popular with residents of different countries for many years.

Semolina Bran
It is produced from soft and durum wheat. It is used for cooking cereals, baking. It is useful for people during the recovery period, when the body is weakened and high-calorie food is required. It is often used to prepare milk porridge for children who are not gaining weight well. They contain a large number of useful substances. It is used for dietary baking. They are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals for people who play sports and watch their weight. It also has the ability to strengthen the immune system

Five reasons why it is profitable to buy Fastiv Mlyn flour

If you want to buy flour of the best quality and of several types, you should pay attention to Fastov Mlyn products. What makes us special:

Our company is equipped with the best foreign-made equipment. Thanks to this, all technological processes are carried out clearly and smoothly, allowing you to get the right amount of finished products in time;
There is quality control at all stages of production. Starting from the receipt of raw materials and ending with the pre-packing stage, our laboratory takes samples of finished products and conducts a series of tests. Only high-quality flour that meets the stated requirements for its type/grade is allowed for packaging;
There are several packaging options. Thanks to this, our customers can be both enterprises that use a large amount of flour when baking bread and rolls on an industrial scale, as well as retail buyers;
We have loyal prices for both wholesale and retail customers. Whatever grade the flour is, the price for it is justified by the excellent quality of the product;
Delivery. You just need to place an order for the supply of flour on our website and we will deliver the order to you at a convenient time for you.

Wholesale wheat flour at the best price from the Fastov Mlyn manufacturer

Our company sells wheat flour in bulk at an average price of 7800-7900 UAH per ton of finished products. The company is located in the Kyiv region, the city of Fastov, and sells its products throughout Ukraine. Our products are known for their high quality and excellent technical characteristics:

  • The moisture content of the finished product is 14.5%;
  • The content of gluten in the flour produced by Fastov Mlyn is 26-28%;
  • The whiteness of products is 60%.

For industrial enterprises who are interested in more characteristics and wholesale prices for our products, we are ready to provide more detailed information.

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High-quality flour, the price of the highest grade and related products

If you need high-quality, good flour, you will like the price of the Fastov Mlyn enterprise for finished products. Our price list:

Products Price, UAH per ton
Not packaged flour 7850 UAH
Flour in sacks 8200 UAH
Semolina 10200 UAH
Bran 4000 UAH

The prices in the table are indicative. Please contact the phone numbers that you see on the site for more detailed information and to order products. Our consultants will answer all your questions and help you to make an order.

Place an order for flour with delivery in Ukraine on the Fastiv Mlyn website

If you want to place an order for flour, you can do this by calling us or sending an email. Consulting managers will provide you with comprehensive answers to all your questions regarding Fastov Mlyn products. You can learn more about the types of our products, ways, possibilities of packaging and current prices. Loyalty program is provided for wholesale and regular customers.